Getting Started

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An ADU (also referred to as a backyard home, granny flat, in-law suite, guest house, back house, etc.) is a separate living unit complete with its own entrance, living space, kitchen, and sleeping areas.

An ADU is the most convenient way to increase the living space on your property. In addition, it is the most cost-effective way to increase the value of your home. An ADU can be rented out for monthly rental income or a house for a family member. There are a lot fewer restrictions (lower permit fees, more precise parking requirements, fewer building restrictions, etc.) for building ADUs than conventional additions.

Among others, the main categories are: Attached, detached, junior and garage conversions.

A JADU is like an ADU. However, it has a smaller maximum size and utilizes existing structures. Junior ADUs are allowed to be up to 500 sq ft. and are exempt from parking requirements.

Yes! Your garage can be legally converted into an ADU. Other options include keeping your garage and adding a second-story ADU to your garage, or leaving your garage as is and building a new detached ADU, and several other options.

There are many factors to consider for the cost of an ADU. A typical garage conversion will be cheaper than new construction. Homes requiring high-end finishes can be significantly more expensive than homes with a simple design and basic features. Two-story structures will also be more expensive. The cost can vary anywhere from $175-$400 per sq ft.

The permitting process can take 2-3 months. Construction on an easy garage conversion can take as little as 2 to 3 months, and a more complicated larger project can take up to 5 months.

Yes, multi-family properties are allowed to get ADUs. Of course, it must be checked with local officers to know about any local regulations.

We begin with a free in-person consultation and home evaluation. This will help us see your vision, weigh your options, and plan your project. Next, we will discuss possible financing options. Once you have decided to move forward with your project, we will design and put together architecture and engineering plans. The plans will be submitted to the city, and permits will be obtained. We will begin construction as soon as permits are obtained. After construction is complete, we will have a final inspection, and your ADU will be ready to enjoy! Either move in yourself or rent it out to tenants! We can even help with that!

Yes, you can rent it out! Starting in 2020, there are no owner-occupancy requirements anymore. The ADU, as well as the main house, can be rented out.

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