Permits & Regulations

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An ADU must comply with all zoning code provisions for the primary residence, including height, setbacks, and open space. Applicants need to know if the unit is eligible according to the local standards. These should be checked with your local government officials to determine the standards you should follow for the unit construction.

In the past, many local regulations prohibited ADUs. Recently, however, many of these barriers have come down due to ADU-friendly state legislation. Nonetheless, the building codes that pertain to human habitation are still in place and many regulations where an ADU may be placed on the property.

Most single-family homeowners can build ADUs. State law allows homeowners in single-family neighborhoods to build an accessory dwelling unit as long as there’s room for it on their property. How much room? A detached ADU will need to be at least 10 feet from the main residence and 4 feet from any property lines.

“Title 24” is a set of standards for energy efficiency. “Green Building” refers to standards to protect the environment. Both sets of standards apply to the construction of an ADU project.

As per permitted development permissions, extensions must be built with similar materials to the existing property to maintain the neighborhood’s integrated image by the local community regulations.

First step is to measure the property. Once the we have the dimensions, we will prepare a site plan and a floor plan for the homeowner to review. Once they sign approves the design, an architectural set will be prepared. We will then be send this to engineer and title 24. After this part is finsihed we will submit this to the city with any additional information the city might require. ADU Resource Center will manage all communication with the city until the plans are approved. This process is lengthy and complicated, which is why we will manage it for you. The only thing you as the homeowner will help with is picking the floorpans and design of the ADU.