Nazeli Design Partnership

We have a partner relationship with Nazeli who has 3 awesome services:

Residential Design

Home renovations
Exterior remodeling
Architectural modifications
Space planning
Custom furniture
Furnishing procurement
Overall "Refresh"

Commercial Design

Office spaces
Multi-use living units
ADA Compliance assessments
Exterior remodeling
Space planning


Project management
ADA Compliance assessments
Space planing
Paint selection
Design advice

Full service interior architecture & design firm

From start to finish, we are there to create your dream home / restaurant / hotel / office / you name it.

From the development of highly-tailored architectural design concepts, to on-site supervision and comprehensive project management, our team is here to see your project through.

Architectural overhauls? We love them. Re-envisioning a dated home? Love that too. External renovations? Yes please.


Depending on your design needs, full service interior design may not be right for you.

We still got you covered

Our firm regularly consults on various design solutions, including but not limited to, architectural remodeling, digital renderings, construction drawings, ADA-compliance audits, and space planning optimization.

Love design and not afraid to get your hands dirty? Don’t need hand-holding? Consulting is a great option for you too.

Nazeli Design Work