Garage Conversions San Diego

Are you looking for garage conversion in San Diego? Need a garage remodeling construction consultant in San Diego?

Many homeowners have started to use their garage as a multi-functional area. Call ADU Resource Center for superior garage conversion services.

ADU Resource Center are an expert in performing professional garage conversions in San Diego. We convert garages into any room you can imagine such as a gym, family room, bedroom, office, shop, or small apartment. We will determine what style of wall, floor, and access you have available in your garage in order for it to get converted into a room.


A garage conversion is a relatively cost-effective choice for increasing the living space in your home. We have offered speedy, creative garage conversion solutions to San Diego homeowners. When you are ready to transform your underutilized garage space into a functional area you and your family can enjoy for years to come, call our experts for a free quote.


Why Garage Conversion?

One of the best reasons to convert your garage into a usable space is simple: to enjoy a more spacious home. People come to us for a variety of reasons: they want to rent out an apartment suite, they have an elderly relative moving in or want to create an office. Whatever the reason you are seeking for a garage conversion in San Diego, our experienced consultants are here to help you. We’ll create an assessment and plan to make it happen.

The Backhouse a Garage Conversion

Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality

No matter why you are looking for a garage conversion in San Diego, our garage conversion experts can guide you throughout the process. Call ADU Resource Center today to get more information about how we can help you convert your garage into a comfortable living space in your home.


We have done a number of garage additions and conversions across San Diego, so we know all the laws, what can and cannot be permitted, and what city officials are looking for in a garage conversion. You imagine it, let us build it just for you.

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