10 Questions about ADUs you Didn’t Know to Ask

10 Questions about ADUs you Didn’t Know to Ask

As a society, environmental awareness, different lifestyle habits, and most importantly, the economy, transform the way we live, ADUs are making a huge comeback. If you are planning on building Accessory Dwelling Units Design in Los Angeles, wanting to convert your garage, or thinking about installing a prefab unit, you probably have a lot of questions, and we have the answers below.

1. What Does an ADU do?

Accessory Dwelling Units are an innovative answer to the housing crisis in Los Angeles, as they add much-needed little affordable houses all over the city. For homeowners, ADUs can be used to generate passive income as a rental, create aging in place solution for retiring proprietors, or provide extra space for work or a relative to live in.

2. Are ADUs Legal?

Yes, they are completely legal in California. In 2016, the State Legislature passed various laws eliminating the barriers associated with building ADUs in the backyards of existing single-family homes. In 2019, the state further removed restrictions involved with building ADUs, including allowing them to be built on multi-family properties like duplexes.

3. Is an ADU Right for Me?

There are a variety of ways you can use an ADU, and its functions can change as your needs evolve. Here are some ways you can use yours: As home office space, as a guest house for visitors, to rent out as an apartment to individuals or families, to accommodate a family member, or as a starter home for adult children.

4. Can my Property Support an ADU?

The ADUs we build at ADU Resource Center generally require a backyard that can accommodate a 20’x24’ footprint. If you have a garage, it can be replaced with an ADU, or if you decide to hold on to your garage and have enough additional space, we can build the ADU separated from the existing structure.

5. How do I Start ADU?

It is indispensable to get professional help if you want to do it right and legally. You will need to work with an experienced and qualified company that is up-to-date with the latest state and local building codes, permits, and regulations. Also, professionals can deliver your ADU fast, on budget and with a great sense of style.

ADU Construction management in Los Angeles

6. How Long Does it Take to Build an ADU?

The process changes from project to project, depending on your location, permitting and approval times, and which type of ADU you plan to build. Garage Conversions have an estimated time of 3-6 months, depending on the quality of the existing structure, and Custom ADUs have an estimated time of 6 months since it is completely customized to your needs.

7. How Much Will it Cost you to Build an ADU?

ADUs can fluctuate widely in cost, depending on the type of ADU, how big is it, where is it located and what finishes and amenities do you want to add. ADUs are tiny but contain most of the elements of a regular home, just constructed into a space-saving design on a smaller footprint. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to talk directly with a design/building company.

8. Will my Property Taxes Increase?

Yes, but not much. When you build an ADU, the city will do a blended assessment, which does not affect the value of your existing property, but instead, assess the cost of the construction and add that to your original property value. Your taxes will only increase by 1.1% of the total cost of the improvements.

9. Is Owner Occupancy Required for my ADU?

With the new state laws in California, cities are no longer allowed to require owner occupancy until January 2025. That means you can vacation to your heart’s desire and not worry about your ADU at home.

10. What if I Decide to Sell my Home?

If you want to build an ADU and later in time sell your house, we have good news for you! Adding an ADU can increase the value of your property by $150,000 or even more. This is one of the benefits of building an ADU, from the moment you have one, you can only win.

The demand for this compact form of accommodation is definitely on the rise and owning an ADU is definitely a pride now, but getting it right is equally important. Do you have more questions on ADU Floor Plans in Los Angeles? Call us at (310) 974-3174 or schedule a free consultation.