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How to Make Your Tiny Home Feel Big

We call “Small Living” to a broad spectrum of tiny structures that serve as an additional living space to a primary main house, from Granny Flats, Backyard Homes, and Casitas to Backhouses, Garage Apartments, and ADUs.  These units come in all shapes and sizes, however, they are generally very small compared to a full-sized house and can be quite confining if not designed correctly.

Inappropriate designs can make an ADU appear smaller than it really is, and this is the last thing you want when all you have is a few hundred square feet. Fortunately, whether you’re just starting to build or you’ve been living in one for years, making your tiny home seem bigger can be as simple as executing a few of these simple design tips:

Here are some tips to make tips to tiny home feel big

Natural Lighting: Natural light is vital to make any space appear bigger, as it gives the room more depth. You can accomplish this by installing a skylight or by keeping your windows uncovered. Not only will this solve your space issue, but it’s far more energy-efficient.

Light-Colored Walls and Floors: Stay away from dark colors when selecting the paint for your walls and floors. Instead, choose light colors, as they tend to reflect light and make your tiny house appear bigger than it is.

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With Furniture, Less is More: Going for fewer and larger pieces instead of a bunch of smaller items will make your space feel bigger and less cluttered. For example, we recommend you to choose a sectional instead of a sofa and set of chairs to maximize a petite living room.

Avoid Overhead Lighting: Overhead lighting tends to only light up small sections, making your house appear tinier. Instead, use a few lamps that will help to draw the eye to different areas of the house.

Create an Outdoor Space: By crafting a cozy outdoor space for yourself, you will have a vast extension of your home. Eat outside by simply adding a chair and table; include a small BBQ to get out of the kitchen every now and then or hang a hammock to read and relax outside.

We take pride in our ability to design and provide open and spacious areas by maximizing not only the square foot of the property but the cubic foot too. We work hard to create a design that works for you, your compact space, and your budget. For more information contact us at (310) 974-3174 or schedule a free consultation for ADU architecture in Los Angeles.