LA’s housing crisis gap is not a secret anymore and you’re probably aware of that. By 2018, LA was ranked 49th in housing shortage. The situation is so alarming that experts determined that the housing unit production must be doubled to keep up with expected population growth.

So, ADUs came to the rescue: Beautiful, practical, and budget adaptable constructions that were allowed and protected by the law to be the City’s way of expanding and diversifying the housing supply.

If you’re wondering about the legality of building an ADU, whether it is an attached, detached, 2-story, or garage conversions, in 2017, LA legislation lifted barriers to residential permits that contributed to the state’s acute housing shortage. Within a short amount of time, there were over 1.900 new applications for ADU’s approvals. And four years later, this number has just increased.

Did you know that ADUs currently comprise 22% of newly-permitted housing units?

And that’s why nowadays, completing the process to build an ADU is even easier with the recently developed and approved ADU Standard Plan Program, giving homeowners access to 20 pre-approved design options from 10 different firms.

But, what does this mean? If you decide to choose one of the pre-approved layouts, homeowners can significantly reduce the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) review process from 4-6 weeks to as little as one day. This means that most of the bureaucratic processes standing between you and your housing project wouldn’t be a hindrance.

So, now that you know the law is by your side and that building process headaches are off the map, what’s stopping you from investing in that gold mine you call a backyard?
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