Garage Conversions: The Secret Weapon to Increase Your Home Value

ADUs are a low-price investment, but that doesn’t mean that every budget fits your pocket or current situation. But what happens with that messy, and forgotten space you used to call a garage?

Did you know that a 2-car garage is just big enough for a studio unit or small one-bedroom house? Both options can include a kitchen and a bathroom. Garage conversions are the cheapest way to create a second unit on your property. The secret is in the main shell structure you already own! 

The first thought that comes to homeowners’ minds is, “I got the garage, but not the budget to start”. That’s completely wrong! At ADU Resource Center, we take care of everything, with budget-adaptable and better-rate loans that will certainly fit your financial situation. 

My garage is my storage house. What else can I do with it?

Well, just think about that family member you love and want to be closer with. Or when you have guests that invade the privacy of your quiet nights. Or even that space full of calmness that you have always wanted, or that little room where you can take your creativity and ideas to be yourself.

We could go on, but the best part is that converting your garage should not be just a luxury construction but also a project that brings plenty of benefits to you and your property. After all, an ADU pays for itself!

If you are happy with your current property and have all the space you need, that doesn’t mean you can’t think about a future investment that will completely change income quality.

How can my garage give me profits?

  • The land is -basically- free. You already own it, so you just need to take care of some minor additions (if necessary).
  • Available and relatively inexpensive financing. Loans can even get you a higher-budget construction considering the rental income it could bring in.
  • LA has high rent rates. ADUs can provide tens of thousands of dollars of rental income per year.
  • Property value increases. Any selling plans? An ADU can considerably raise the price. 

It isn’t just a conversion. It is a forward-looking investment, whether it is for lifestyle or financial matters. If you’re interested in converting your garage and learn more about ADU´s feasibility and benefits.