Advantages of Converting your Garage into a Brand New ADU

A garage conversion is a trouble-free way to expand your home and adjoin that much needed additional living space. Convert garage to living space like converted area can enlarge the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or to add an extra bedroom to your property. Whatever option you choose for your conversion, we can help you create your new living space at ADU Resource Center.

Most proprietors and their families use the garage as a junk room or storage for unnecessary items that can be placed out of sight. Moreover, garages are one of the most unused spaces in a property, which is why a conversion is so convenient because it can quickly turn that useless space into a living space, allowing you to add more value to your home.

Among the many advantages of converting your garage to a brand new ADU, you will find:

Maximizes your living space: A garage for one car is about 220sqft, with a two-car garage providing as much as 500sqft of space. If you need additional living space, and if you’re willing to sacrifice that parking or storage space, converting your garage is a great way to add or expand a room without going to the expense of a home addition.

Quicker and cheaper than a redesign: A conversion is the best option if you’re on a budget, thanks to the reduced labor costs; it’s also good for your timeframe. From design to finish, you could be in your ADU in a matter of weeks.

Adds value to a property: Many profits come with turning your garage into an ADU, one of them being the use of that conversion to add additional rooms that can help sell your home in the future. Adjoining a new place to your house can boost your home’s selling factor and add extra value to the parcel.

A place to kick off a new business venture: If you’re considering starting entrepreneurship but don’t have enough space to jump, converting your garage can solve that problem. Design and decorate that new space depending on the needs of your business.

So, tidy up your garage and put it to use! You can have your backhouse up and running in just a few months. Got more questions on Garage Conversion planning and construction? Our team of professionals can help you with garage conversion in San Diego. Call us at (310) 974-3174 or schedule a free consultation.