ADU house Plans Los Angeles

Our Accessory Dwelling Unit designs in Los Angeles, We provides beautiful touch to your “tiny house” that is generally constructed on the same property as the property owner’s dwelling. People who have ADUs usually rent them because they make a great source of extra income, but others build their ADU for college kids or family members when they come into town to visit.

And although these units are easy to build or convert, there are some very important factors for the structural design of the ADUs that you should consider before building yours to ensure that it does not encounter any costly inconvenience or delays in the construction process. Below we will share with you some vital site design tips, utility, and structural design. And also, share some other general information that could end up saving you a lot of time and money.

Kitchen Design

Guests value the chance to help themselves eat or drink without disturbing the host. They also appreciate using a kitchen that incorporates both a workspace and an informal dining space. With this in mind, your ADU can be built with a fully functional kitchen or a small kitchen, depending on your budget, lot size, or building code requirements.

Sleeping Area

Depending on your ADU’s size, building a separate bedroom area is the best choice. Are you going to build a large luxury master suite, or do you need several small bedrooms or both? No matter the size, here are some key design elements you’ll want to consider: Storage and Layered Lighting.

Bathroom Amenity

Recreate that spa feeling for you and your guests by designing your ADU bath with luxury in mind. Today’s proprietors are doing their best to select materials with muted earth tones and natural elements such as river rock, cedar, and bamboo.

Entertainment Extras

While designing your ADU, make sure there are plenty of plugs to handle your guest’s electrical power needs (including a wireless router). Consider creating an entertainment center in the central living room with a flat-screen TV and many movies and music offers. Maybe even include a TV in the sleeping area for the lazy, sleeping in the mornings.

The demand for this compact form of accommodation is definitely on the rise, and owning an ADU is definitely a pride now, but getting it right is equally important. Do you have more questions on ADU house Plans in Los Angeles and surrounding area? Call us at (310) 974-3174 or schedule a free consultation.