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California, a state well know for its sunshine.

ADU Resource Center is the leading ADU Construction Management in Los Angeles, California. People are building blockhouses and lots of them with the passing of recent state laws, anyone can build a back house or can convert their garage into its own living unit. As a matter of fact, any single family property in California can now turn into a triplex.


Meet Jack and Mary. They live in a house with their four children plus their elderly parents who often comes to visit. To make room for their big family Jack and Mary have been thinking about moving to a bigger house. But with the rise in house prices, they are not sure, if they can afford it.


One day they find their solution and come across ADU Resource Center. They decide to build a blockhouse known as Accessory Dwelling Unit. An ADU can provide extra living space for Jack and Mary’s elderly parents and when their children are older they can live in the Backyard House to save money and stay close to the family.


It can also be rented out for extra income or if they choose, Jack and Mary can also move into the ADU and rent out their main house.

ADU Construction Management Company in Los Angeles

An ADU is not only convenient but is also cost effective. Building Secondary Unit increases the value of Jack and Mary’s existing property. With help from ADU Resource Center Jack and Mary’s ADU can be built to fit their exact needs and requirements, including, design and size.


ADU Resource Center is the one-stop-shop to build an Accessory Dwelling Units. They have all the tools to start the project such as financing programs, designs, architecture, permitting and a construction team.


By calling ADU Resource Center, Jack and Mary have learned everything they need to know to start their project. What more do they need!! With so many benefits of an ADU Jack and Mary have found and perfect solution and they know they have the support they need throughout the entire process with the ADU Resource Center.