A Promising Answer to the Housing Crisis in California

ADUs are generally constructed by homeowners to provide revenue opportunities or to keep family members close while still having a sense of independence for both parties. Regardless of the reason, California regulators see ADUs as a potential solution to the housing crisis, as they provide an income opportunity for the landholders and an affordable place to live for people in California.

For these reasons, last year Governor Newsom signed five bills into law regarding ADUs, with the aim of making them easier to build for homeowners and more accessible for renters across the state. So, whether you’re looking to build an ADU or you’re looking to rent one, these new 2020 regulations benefit you.

New 2020 ADU Regulations

The Legislature updated ADU Law to clarify and improve various provisions in order to promote the development of ADUs in California. These include allowing ADUs to be built concurrently with a single-family dwelling, opening areas where ADUs can be created to include all zoning districts that allow single-family and multifamily uses, modifying fees from utilities such as special districts and water corporations, limited exemptions or reductions in impact fees, and reduced parking requirements.

This helps owners of residential properties to convert garages and backyard buildings into full-fledged living spaces for use by their own family members or tenants. Another objective of the law is to make the best use of the available urban space. Cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Inglewood, La Mesa, Pasadena, Lakewood, Shasta Lake, and Arcata offer privileges to those who are planning to create an ADU.

Benefits of Building an ADU in California

– Minimizes Construction Costs: The cost of building an ADU varies depending on multiple factors like size, type, materials, and location, but one thing that doesn’t vary is the fact that building an ADU is more affordable than building a primary home.

– Economical Monthly Income Opportunity: Tenants have the option of using readymade components to reduce even more the cost of construction. The focus can be more on functionality rather than aesthetics and the resale value of the property.

– Increases Property Value: The shortage of housing space in California has enhanced the value of the existing land and the properties that stand on them.

– Ensures Resident Privacy: Different people have different requirements depending on their age. Senior citizens and teenagers might require a living space of their own, and since an ADU is a complete living space with all essential amenities, it serves all these purposes.

ADU Design & Construction Los Angeles

The use of an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Los Angeles and it varies person to person and family to family. Older people would want to complement their pension with a rental income, a youngster might choose to stay in an ADU that’s close to the workplace, and an enterprising homeowner would rent it out to rake in some extra money.

The demand for this compact form of accommodation is definitely on the rise and owning an ADU is definitely a pride now, but getting it right is equally important. Got questions on ADU planning and construction? Our team of professionals can help you with the right advice and services.

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