San Diego County Continues to Expand Zoning Flexibility for ADUs

As the housing crisis aggravates amid the COVID-19 pandemic that affects all cities, work sectors, and people, the San Diego county is betting on ADUs, the most important component of its housing production program. The city recently passed one of California’s most advanced ordinances to encourage and offer more regulatory flexibility for ADUs and JADUs.

Secondary dwellings can now be handled over-the-counter – Detached lots, additions, and garage conversions all qualify. You can enter a free permit-ready construction plan from San Diego County and the City of Encinitas. Permit-Ready Accessory Dwelling Unit (PRADU) program allows you to build a new ADU or JADU on existing single-family or multi-family lots throughout the county.

Accessory dwelling units are detached, converted, or attached secondary structures on a residential lot that:

  • Offers a living space for one or more persons;
  • Are independent of the primary dwelling unit; and
  • Comprise permanent provisions for living, sleeping, and cooking.

Below are the highpoints of the most significant improvements to the City’s code:

ADUs on parcels with Multiple Dwelling Units:

  • Permits total ADUs allowed within the existing multi-dwelling unit structure within the habitable area to be up to 25% of the total number of existing dwelling units.
  • Allows an indefinite ADU’s number within existing portions of multiple dwelling units unused as livable space (storage rooms, garages, attics, etc.).
  • Permits 2 detached accessory dwelling units per parcel.

ADU Bonus for Affordable ADUs:

  • A density bonus of 1 ADU for every deed-restricted affordable ADU provided.
  • 15-year term, guaranteed through a written agreement, and a deed of trust securing the agreement, entered into by the applicant and the San Diego Housing Commission.
  • Made affordable to very low income, low income, or moderate-income households (30% of 50% AMI, 30% of 60 AMI, and 30% of 100% AMI for rental units).


  • No parking is required for ADUs or JADUs.
  • Where a garage, carport, or covered parking structure is demolished in conjunction with the construction of an ADU or JADU or converted into an ADU or JADU, parking replacement is not required.

The demand for this compact form of accommodation is definitely on the rise, and owning an ADU is definitely a pride now, but getting it right is equally important. Do you have questions about ADU Construction management in Los Angeles? Our team of professionals can help you with the right advice and services.

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