Landscaping Around your ADU – Adding Value and Style

Landscapes are a vital part of any setting, including topography, vegetation, associated plants, soil, water bodies, and their spatial organization, which is one of the most visual needs of people.  Good landscape design is the art of developing property for its greatest use and enjoyment.

But ADUs present an entirely new type of social relationship between the tenants and the owners, ultimately affecting the landscape. Some properties with ADUs are family compounds, but more commonly, one unit or the other is designed for an independent household. Parts of the yard, driveway, gardens, patio, and storage may be shared, and other parts may serve as dedicated spaces for one unit or the other.

The main things you will realize once your ADU is completed is that your landscape is gone, available space is tighter, and there are now two structures that feel like the yard belongs to them. So, how can you create a garden that works as well as your ADU does? Well, you can hire a landscape designer or DIY. Either way, these principles, and considerations will help as you elaborate a plan:

Some Considerations Before Building ADU

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  • First, make sure drainage is in order, this is usually a big part of the ADU planning process, so it’s probably already in place. Just be sure all the water your ADU roof is collecting will go into the ground; this can involve a rain garden, dry well, or whatever stormwater mitigation plans your state requires.
  • Consider the need for privacy. Many ADUs have windows that look directly into windows of the primary home. Blinds are an apparent solution, but with some smart planting or use of screens, you can welcome the sun without feeling like your mate is staring at you in your pajamas.
  • What space is shared? If the backyard revolves around a lawn or a patio, is that space shared by both dwellings? If so, you want to make it feel welcoming from both homes. Paths and planting, carefully considered, can accomplish this. It’s essential to understand the kind of people who will occupy each space and then plan accordingly.
  • Is there a private outdoor space? Even if the garden space is small, you can assign portions of it to each dwelling and make each feel private and distinct. Planting, screens, seat walls, and even low voltage lighting can all play a role.

The demand for this compact form of accommodation is definitely on the rise, and owning an ADU is definitely a pride now, but getting it right is equally important. Do you have more questions about ADU design in Los Angeles? Call us at (310) 974-3174 or schedule a free consultation.