The Ultimate Q&A about ADUs in Los Angeles

As you may notice, the following is a list of frequently asked questions about ADUs. To see if you’re qualified to build one, schedule a free phone consultation with us to explore your particular case in California.

I own land that is either empty or has a business use. Is it possible for me to create an ADU?

ADUs are attached to new or existing houses. You may apply to create an ADU concurrently with or after constructing a house on your land, but you cannot build an ADU as a stand-alone project on a vacant lot or as part of a commercial structure.

Is it possible for me to rent out my ADU?

Yes, however, local municipalities can make it illegal to rent out an ADU for a short period of time.

May I rent out my ADU on a short-term basis?

Local municipalities can ban the use of an ADU as a short-term rental (for example, for fewer than 30 days) or impose restrictions on short-term rentals, such as licensing, fees, and/or a cap on the number of days an ADU may be rented for a short period of time each year. Check with us to see if there are any limits.

Is it possible to transform my garage into an ADU?

Yes, some garages may be turned into living spaces. But remember that converting a house that wasn’t intended to be used as accommodation, such as a garage, would necessitate compliance with residential building codes (such as windows, doors, and insulation). Even, before starting construction we can make sure of the building power lines.

Is it possible to construct an ADU out of a prefabricated structure?

Yes, as long as it’s designed under federal requirements, or whether it’s accredited as factory-built housing by the state of California. The structure must go through the permit approval process for zoning and/or base work, as in a normal building. For further details, contact our support line.

Can I build an ADU from an RV or tiny house on wheels?

According to the State of California codes, Recreational Vehicles and mobile homes are regulated only as vehicles rather than permanent housing units. Any local governments, however, can allow them to be used as an ADU by consulting the case on your local building department.

Adding an ADU to my house can boost my property taxes?

The addition of a new ADU won’t require a revaluation of the whole land. Just the valuation of the proposed ADU (new building added) can be added to the property’s taxable value, as in all forms of new construction. The calculation would be based on whether the ADU’s worth was expressed in the last sale price Assessor valuation in the case of legalization of an existing unpermitted ADU.

What makes an ADU different from a guesthouse?

An ADU is a residential dwelling unit, either attached or detached, that provides complete independent living facilities for one or more people and must include a kitchen. ADUs and guesthouses can be subject to various regulations by local councils. In unincorporated Los Angeles County, for example, a “guesthouse” is a separate structure from the main home that lacks a kitchen and is not leased.

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