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The ADU Resource Center have a expert team of ADU Construction Consultants in Los Angeles. We provide solutions every step of the way to make building your ADU an effortless experience. We not only provide information to homeowners but we also have all the resources they need to start their project, such as financing programs, designers, architects, permit expeditors, and construction teams. We will take care of getting the plans approved and permitted by city officials with absolutely no headache to you the homeowner, saving time and energy. We spent the time to assemble the perfect team with all the skills needed to build an ADU so you don’t have to. Everyone we work with is licensed, have years of experience and have been vetted by us. We are dedicated to making your ADU dream into a reality. Contact us and we will help you understand and navigate the process of building an ADU.

Definition of ADU

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a legal and regulatory term for a secondary house or apartment that shares the building lot of a larger, primary house. ADU is also known as an in-law or mother-in-law unit, secondary dwelling unit, granny flat or carriage house. An ADU has its own kitchen, living area and a separate entrance. An ADU may be attached to a house or garage, or it can also be built as a stand-alone unit, but it generally will make use of the water and energy connections of the primary house.

Types of ADU

Detached ADU

An ADU that’s separated from the primary home. This can be a ground up new construction or a detached garage conversion. The main advantage of a detached ADU is independence. Because the entrance is separate and physically removed from the main house, occupants can come and go as they please with minimal disruption. Drawback: The main drawback of a detached ADU is building and maintenance costs.

Attached ADU

An ADU that’s connected to the primary house. This is a great solution if there isn’t enough space on the lot for a detached unit. They may or may not share mechanical appliances with the main unit, depending on the existing appliances’ capacity.

Garage Conversions

An existing garage that is converted into ADU. This is often the cheapest and quickest way to add a livable unit to a property. Regardless if it’s an attached or detached unit, it can be expanded up to 1200 sq ft in most cases.

Internal ADU

When part of the house is converted to an ADU, is called as the Internal ADU. Many convert their attic or basement. They may or may not have separate external entrances, though they invariably have separate, secured doors accessible from an internal foyer or hallway. In most cases, they share utility service and mechanical appliances with the main unit.

Uses of ADU

Long-Term Rental Income

Accessory Dwelling Units are the perfect fit for short- and long-term rentals. If you live in a popular community, you can Airbnb your ADU and get additional rental income.

Additional Living Space

Space Some families outgrow their living space. An ADU offers a solution to cramped living conditions.

Support a family member

You can keep a watchful eye on family such as an elderly parent

ADUs as an investment

In addition to rental income ADUs can bring equity and increase the value of your property. An ADU pays for itself!

ADU Process

ADU Process Feasibility

We determine what type of ADU is best suitable on your property based on existing structures, local zoning, building codes, and utility requirements . Design We will create a floor plan and design ADU! We offer customizations such as smart homes, green homes, and any other feature to meet your desire.

Financing & Budget

We will discuss the cost and discuss available financing options. We have many loan programs available, some with 0 out of pocket and others that will lend you money based on improved future value of your property. Contact us regardless of your financial situation and we will help you find the best solution for you.

Permitting & Construction

We will take care of getting the plans approved and permitted by city officials with absolutely no headache to you the homeowner, saving time and energy. We will begin construction as soon as plans are approved and permits are obtained. All construction including foundation, framing, roofing, plumbing, electrical, and finishing touches are planned and executed efficiently to perfection.

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With New 2020 Regulations, Starting an ADU Project Has Never Been Easier!!!!!!

Contact us and we will help you understand and navigate the process of ADU Construction management in Los Angeles. Some of the topics that we will discuss include: size limitation, height limitation, parking guidelines, cost estimates, financing options, estimated rental income, estimated equity gain, and more.