Attention Los Angeles Homeowners: Add Value to Your Home with an ADU


ADU Resource Center is a One-Stop-Shop for ADU & Garage Conversion Construction & Design in the city of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We give you all the tools and resources that will help you move your ADU project forward at any stage of the process. With us you can build a brand new ADU in your backyard or convert your garage into:

✓ A house to rent

✓ An office or studio

✓ A home for a family member

✓ Any other idea you have

We offer a free service that connects homeowners with the best contractors in their area, from specialized ADU Architects and Engineers to a Network of Lenders and professional Permits Expeditors. We have the all the resources to get the job done on time and budget! Text us at 310-974-3174 to schedule a free consultation today.