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An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), also known as a backhouse or a secondary unit, are attached or detached residential dwelling units, on the same lot as an existing single-family or multi-family dwelling unit. An ADU must contain completely independent living facilities for one or more people, a sleeping area, a kitchen for cooking, and sanitation so they can serve as a home for a single person or a little family.

ADUs generate great rental income, increase property resale value and home equity, create private living spaces for extended family or elderly parents, and can enhance your family’s overall lifestyle.  Also, ADUs benefit communities by adding more housing units while maintaining the character of a neighborhood and are more affordable to build than other types of housing, such as single-family homes, because they do not require buying new land.

Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU)

On the other hand, there’s another type of ADU Construction that is even cheaper than an ADU! A Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) is a residential dwelling unit that is no more than 500 square feet in area, contained entirely within an existing single-family residence, and can have separate sanitation facilities from, or shared sanitation facilities with, the existing residence.

ADU Construction in Los Angeles

Starting in 2020, new California state laws went into effect regarding ADU’s and JADU’s. The old restrictions have been lifted making it easier for homeowners to convert their garages or empty backyard space into another housing unit. Single Family Zoned property can now potentially add 2 more units on a lot (ADU and JR ADU) essentially acting as a triplex.

Are you considering building an ADU, a JADU, or converting your garage? ADU Resource Center can help you with all phases of an ADU Construction in Los Angeles including:

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  • Civil Engineering / Site Plan & Surveys
  • Permitting & Fees / Utility Connections
  • Building Costs / Schedules / Construction
  • Landscaping

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