How can you Save Money During a Garage Conversion?

With housing prices constantly rising, and all the additional costs that implies moving and buying a new home, it’s extremely expensive and even impossible for most people. Fortunately, the solution to this problem can be in your own home and you haven’t noticed. Turning your existing garage into an ADU can give you a new and more modern home, an additional space for your family or for visits, or even a house to rent and earn the money you need to buy a new property.

While making a new detached structure (ADU) in your home is cheaper than moving out — and basically pays for itself if you rent it, turning a pre-existing structure into an ADU (like your Garage) is even cheaper, faster, and simpler. However, for this to work, there are certain requirements your garage needs to fulfill to qualify for low-cost conversion.

These are the basics you need to know save money during a Garage conversion:

  1.     Permits

Your garage needs to be permitted and approved before construction begins. It’s legally impossible to convert your garage into a living structure without the city’s approval, and trying to get it permitted mid-construction can be very expensive.

  1.     Water Intrusion

If you have a water leakage problem, you will need to replace the roof and foundation of your garage to remove the damage, which is equivalent to building a new ADU from scratch.

  1.       Sewer Line

ADUs must operate with a new sewer line that accesses the existing pipeline in the front yard. If you have to run the sewer under an existing concrete driveway, the costs will be significantly higher.

  1.     Space

Although it is possible to convert a small garage into a living unit, it is not worth the effort, the time, or the resources since it will be hard for someone to live in there.

  1.     No Gas

If your garage is fit for conversion, a tip that will save you money is making your ADU completely electric, this will save you the additional costs of running a gas line to and through your unit.

When it comes to identifying which is the best way to save money while building an ADU, you shouldn’t do it alone. At ADU Resource Center we offer a free service that connects you to reliable contractors in your area, while supporting you with the right resources from start to finish. Reach out for a free consultation.